A Blazing Grace

Never Leave Home Without Your Dinosaurs 

Because Heaven forbid they stay behind! 

Enjoy your Thursday everyone! 


Late Night Emergency Vet

… And then this happened! … I couldn’t get the entire truth out of either dog as to what exactly happened, but as you could probably guess, this is just another TypicalTuesday in the grand shenanigans of our life! Enjoy your day everyone! 

Don’t Eat and Drive 

“NO EATING AND DRIVING MOMMA! Because you know like ‘No drinking and driving’?! You have to focus on the road!” … Only my child! 

I Did That On Purpose 

While getting ready this morning …

*Knock! Knock! Knock! Bam! Bam! Bam!*

“Momma! Your door is locked!”

“Yeah, I know.”

*More ruckus and rumbling as my child struggles and fidgets from my bedroom doorknob* 

“Momma! Your door is locked … And I can’t get in!”

“Yeah, I know … I did that on purpose!”

Just another Typical Tuesday! Here’s to all the Moms and Dads out there who just need a moment of silence! 

The Best Thing In The World 

Did you know that before he was successful, Walt Disney had at one time not only dropped out of school, but was also rejected from the army, and forced to declare bankruptcy?! 

So whatever it is you’re going thru or wherever you may be in life, just remember that others have been there too. 

You can do this! 

Anyone Can Take A Picture 

“I like the way the sun looks, setting behind those clouds.”

I could hear the photographer’s passion in my husband’s voice. No trip in the car is ever just a simple ride anywhere for a family of photographers who own a film business … Not even a short drive home from Back to School Night. 

“Well, go ahead and pull over to take a picture. Do it now before the sun sets. You know the sun will disappear quick … Oooooh I love the hay bales in the field! Get those in the picture too!”

So we did. We pulled the car over, my husband got out, and he took a beautiful picture of the gorgeous sunset above a field of freshly cut bales of hay. 

But in that moment, I also took advantage of the opportunity to capture the view from a different angle. 

“Anyone can take a picture … A person with passion sees the picture before it’s taken.” Anonymous 

Chillin’ With Our Peeps and Pickin’ Up Chicks

On Thursdays I like to share just a quick picture and call it “Thursday’s Thumbnail.” 

This week I’m sharing a picture of our son holding one of our new baby chicks … Because you know, it’s just what we do! 

Challenge This

This Saturday makes 14 weeks … 

Fourteen weeks since all of our lives were completely turned upside down. Fourteen weeks since I got the call that made me fall to the ground, unable to move for fear of what I would find if I chose to respond. 

But here we are … 14 weeks/ 3 months/ 95 days later. 

If I could say anything today (and I guess I can 😊) it would be that after a summer of many #Challenges including the Love Your Spouse Challenge, Motherhood Challenge, love your cat challenge, my chicken is better than your chicken, and whatever else was out there, the underlying theme of the season, I gathered, was to remember and appreciate the little things, the good things, and LOVE HARD. … Because life will get hard … so much so that you’re going to want to quit, give up, even on those you love. It may be a slow process to where one day you look up and wonder how you got there or it may happen in the blink of an eye, but it will for sure happen. 

So I’d like to encourage you all. When this time comes for you, when you feel the pull, the tug and ripping, struggling grasp of challenge, PRESS ON. Remember that it’s in the toughest times that true character is built and you’ll find the most beautiful depths of love.  

If you guys only knew all that we’ve overcome so far thru this one challenge alone. So please, trust me, if WE can do this, then YOU can do this!

“Oh these hands are tired. Oh this heart is tired. Oh this soul is tired. But I’ll keep on. I’ll keep on. I’ll keep on.”

iPads and App Stores

As we watched my son engrossed in playing his new favorite game on his iPad, I heard my husband say, “Hey OP you know there wasn’t an App Store for games when Momma and Daddy were growing up?”

My son looked up, confused, “Whoa!” *his mind obviously blown* “Then how did you guys have fun?” … 

As much as we provide for our child in the way of traditional entertainment by having an amazing yard and outdoor playground, a pool, dogs and chickens, bicycles and soccer goals, I’m afraid that our son will fit right in with the next generation fueled by modern technology and the App Store … Just hopefully with a few solid, homegrown virtues. 

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