BLACK HELMET FILMS specializes in bringing your vision to life by creating custom videos to suit a variety of needs.

Founded by a husband and wife team in 2015, Black Helmet Films is becoming one of the most respected and desired film companies in the Shreveport/Bossier area. John and Stephanie Phelan, both former full-time employees for their local fire department, turned their creative passion into yet another avenue to serve. When this 911 Dispatcher and Firefighter/Paramedic went back to college to earn their degrees in Video Production and Business Management, they had no idea where the road was taking them, but as they followed their hearts and used their gifts, Black Helmet Films was born.

With his attention to detail and experience in technical skills, John primarily handles the mechanics of the business. He is the one you will see behind most of the cameras and sipping energy drinks after a long night of editing. Stephanie’s background in creative arts and her knack for organization keep her mostly working behind the scenes brainstorming ideas and managing the business, although she has taken on a more dominant role behind the cameras in the business’s new photography line: A Blazing Grace Photography.

John and Stephanie compliment each other as they work together to bring you Black Helmet Films.

With the attention of their “Another 24” documentary series giving an inside look into the local fire department life, and their ability to capture the devastating effects of Mother Nature, Black Helmet Films has been featured on The Weather Channel, CBS News, NBC, ABC, Good Morning America, MTV, The History Channel, and Maxim Magazine.

From realtors to musicians, athletes to entrepreneurs, and doctors to stay-at-home moms, Black Helmet Films is committed to understanding the individual desires of each client to ensure our product meets, not only our standards, but theirs.

Do you have a vision you’d like to create? Let Black Helmet Films customize an experience just for you. Contact us today, and let Black Helmet Films help you bring your vision to life.

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