Him … This kid right here … 

And just when I think life couldn’t get any better being his mom, with all of his random comments and silly shenanigans, something happens where this little five-year-old boy teaches me some deep life lesson. 

A couple of days ago, my son managed to get a piece of a stick lodged deep in his eye. When I pulled down his cheek and saw that large brown beam rolling in the bottom part of his eyelid, my own eyes winced with discomfort, so we called for his daddy to come help retrieve the tiny log. 

My husband’s fingers went to inspect, but the fear of pain radiated from my son’s little body and down his cheeks as tears flowed from his red, irritated eyes. 

“Just trust me,” I heard my husband’s unshaken voice. “It has to hurt a little bit before it gets better.” 

And there it was … a simple, but powerful statement. 

I held my son, he let out a cry, and my husband did what he had to do to get the branch. 

I’ve thought about this incident several times in the past couple of days. Such a common, trivial happening when you’re the mother of a boy. The kid gets something in his eye, or ear, or nose, so you get it out. But it’s that one phrase that’s stuck with me … “It has to hurt before it gets better.” 

Isn’t that so true of many things in life? So many times we’re scared of pain or we don’t want to trust the process of pain, but that’s the exact thing we need. 

I’m proud of my husband. And I admire my son. Let’s all be brave and get the sticks out!