“I like the way the sun looks, setting behind those clouds.”

I could hear the photographer’s passion in my husband’s voice. No trip in the car is ever just a simple ride anywhere for a family of photographers who own a film business … Not even a short drive home from Back to School Night. 

“Well, go ahead and pull over to take a picture. Do it now before the sun sets. You know the sun will disappear quick … Oooooh I love the hay bales in the field! Get those in the picture too!”

So we did. We pulled the car over, my husband got out, and he took a beautiful picture of the gorgeous sunset above a field of freshly cut bales of hay. 

But in that moment, I also took advantage of the opportunity to capture the view from a different angle. 

“Anyone can take a picture … A person with passion sees the picture before it’s taken.” Anonymous