This Saturday makes 14 weeks … 

Fourteen weeks since all of our lives were completely turned upside down. Fourteen weeks since I got the call that made me fall to the ground, unable to move for fear of what I would find if I chose to respond. 

But here we are … 14 weeks/ 3 months/ 95 days later. 

If I could say anything today (and I guess I can šŸ˜Š) it would be that after a summer of many #Challenges including the Love Your Spouse Challenge, Motherhood Challenge, love your cat challenge, my chicken is better than your chicken, and whatever else was out there, the underlying theme of the season, I gathered, was to remember and appreciate the little things, the good things, and LOVE HARD. … Because life will get hard … so much so that you’re going to want to quit, give up, even on those you love. It may be a slow process to where one day you look up and wonder how you got there or it may happen in the blink of an eye, but it will for sure happen. 

So I’d like to encourage you all. When this time comes for you, when you feel the pull, the tug and ripping, struggling grasp of challenge, PRESS ON. Remember that it’s in the toughest times that true character is built and you’ll find the most beautiful depths of love.  

If you guys only knew all that we’ve overcome so far thru this one challenge alone. So please, trust me, if WE can do this, then YOU can do this!

“Oh these hands are tired. Oh this heart is tired. Oh this soul is tired. But I’ll keep on. I’ll keep on. I’ll keep on.”