So, we’re new to the whole raising chickens thing. We’re learning, and loving every minute of it. 

We knew that eventually our hens would start laying eggs. We were actually looking forward to it because we thought it would be fun to let our son collect the eggs every morning and for our family to enjoy the organic breakfast. 

We’ve been checking our coop from time to time. Mostly checking for bugs, wasps, and to make sure it’s clean, but as our days got overwhelmingly hectic with life and both of my parents in the hospital, checking the coop fell to the bottom of our priority list. 

So you can imagine our surprise when we got back around to checking it and found nine tiny, perfect eggs all in a small bundle!

*Gasp* My girls are laying eggs!!

Our girls stopped at 11, with Reily being the primary Momma Hen. We know the eggs are fertilized since we also have three roosters, and Reily refuses to move off those eggs (What a proud momma! I mean that girl will yell at you if you get close!) We’ve also tried “candling” the eggs (we had to Google and YouTube that!), and sure enough, there are little chicks in there! 

So our brood is growing! I’m sure we’ll have much more excitement in about another week when the eggs start to hatch, so stay tuned for the update from “The Eggplant”.