For years my dad has battled diabetes. 

His dad before him fought the same fight. 

Three weeks ago, when my dad was discharged from the hospital after a major motorcycle accident, he came to live with us … THE PRESSURE WAS ON! 

During his seven-week stay in the hospital, the doctors were able to get his diabetes almost completely under control and his blood sugar lower than we’ve probably ever seen it! 

So now that he’s home, my dad is still in a wheelchair and has a long way to go, but for us, that means keeping up with the delicious, healthy meals and the encouraging, “can do” attitude to keep this insulin-dependent diabetic’s health going in the right direction. Not to mention our own family’s. 

And so far, so good! I’ve found that all it really takes to be successful at eating healthier is a little creativity, a GREAT crockpot, a Pinterest board dedicated solely to your new, healthy recipes, time to go grocery shopping (I went at 4:00am – it’s the only time I had), and money to cover all the extra stuff you throw in your cart out of delirium because you’ve gone shopping at 4:00am. 

Anyway just remember that all things truly are possible, even on your journey towards health. I know it sounds crazy, but it took a horrible situation for a couple of my dad’s goals to be realized and fulfilled, so keep in mind that even during the bad, you may be moving closer to your good. And don’t forget that if WE can do this, then YOU can do this!