About three months ago, my husband and I bought our son a new, brightly colored chart for the refrigerator entitled, “We Choose Virtues.” 

On this chart are listed 12 separate character virtues and their explanations in an exceptional, kid-friendly way. 

I had no idea, however, in the months to come just how important this chart would be to ALL OF US. 

As tragedy struck our family, we saw how easy it can be to abandon our virtues. In the middle of fear, panic, exhaustion, and yes, even hurt feelings, it’s too easy to turn away from these simple 12 characteristics on this brightly colored chart. 

But as I sit down once again with my son for our daily routine of “going over our virtues,” I remember that: I am diligent. I am helpful and willing to serve. I am perseverant – I can do it even when it’s tough. I am gentle. I am content. I am attentive. I am honest. I am kind and treat others the way I like to be treated. I am self-controlled. I am patient. I am obedient. And I am forgiving – I choose to love even when others hurt. … Because We Choose Virtues. 

And just remember, if WE can do this, then YOU can do this!