Do you ever feel like everything in life is just upside down and backwards? Or that it’s all just a mess and you’ll never regain control? 

Are you overwhelmed and like me, feel sometimes that this is just NOT how you imagined your life? 

Well, these were the exact thoughts going thru my head this morning as I told my son to please go get himself dressed as I helped my wheelchair-bound dad get out of bed. 

And then my son returned to the room … 

He was dressed alright. His shirt on … backwards … with the collar up over his chin.

 But he was so proud. And the smile on his face that came with such a great belly laugh … I couldn’t help but smile myself. And you know what? It didn’t really look all that bad. He almost looked like a handsome, little GAP Kids model. 

It was then I realized that backwards might not be so bad. 

So you know, the next time life’s got you backwards, just put on a smile and wear it like a rockstar. Who knows, you may start a new trend that goes worldwide!