“I’m a Black Helmet Filmer, Momma, and we’re going to wear these shirts wherever wego.” 

Starting a business has certainly been an adventure. Early mornings followed by late nights … Only to be followed by more early mornings. Then doing all of this with separate full-time jobs and a four year old. 

As a mother, many times I’ve felt inadequate or that I’m too spread thin and my child and family are suffering. 

Do I work too much? Does my son spend too much time on his iPad? Do we play outside enough? Is my house clean enough? Do I cook enough? Does my family get enough rest? Is my family healthy or are we falling into a rut of busyness and laziness? Do my pets know I love them? Have I even let them outside today? 

But you know, it’s moments like this today with my son, as we sit on the steps, that I know it’s all ok. We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to be a team … And that’s exactly what we are.