Five days ago I watched my dad’s face as we foraged the halls of the hospital in search of my mom. The excitement and surprise of a chance to actually see his true love after weeks apart quickly went to exhaustion and frustration with the news that she had been moved and momentarily couldn’t be found. 

He was on this roller coaster too … just like the rest of us. 

Up then down. Then back up, around some loops, down a spiral, up again …

But all of that melted away as I watched my dad, after being wheeled into my mom’s new room, reach out his hand to hold hers… And I heard them both say, “It’s ok. We’ll get thru this together.” 

I’ve learned a lot from my parents thru the years, but their love and tenacity have always stood out above the rest. No matter what life has thrown at them, even when they are physically torn apart by tragedy, they have stubbornly and fiercely said, “It’s ok. We’ll get thru this together.”