My parents hadn’t seen each other in nine days. 

Early this morning we were able to talk the hospital staff into moving my dad’s bed into my mom’s room if only for a moment. 

They were able to hold each other’s hands, and my dad was able to tell my mom, that not only was he ok, but that he loves her. And my mom, still being on the vent, not able to speak, was at least able to look into his eyes and show him she loves him too. 

Now this, if anything is a Motivation Monday. These two, who were in a major motorcycle wreck nine days ago and barely made it out could have just given up. Two days ago my mom wasn’t even opening her eyes, and my dad was still intubated. These two prove that despite the worst, despite all obstacles, if you just keep fighting, you can overcome. These two prove that true love conquers all. 

So whatever it is you are going thru, don’t quit; don’t give up. I am here, and my family is here to encourage you. YOU CAN DO THIS.