Here at A Blazing Grace, Sunday Is supposed to be Funday … But not this time; not today. 

Yesterday a drunk driver pulled out in front of my parents as they were enjoying an afternoon motorcycle ride. 

Words fail me as I try to express how hearing that news hit me. And yesterday, I had no words as I fell to the ground into a ball and wept. 

So today, we sit at the hospital, still waiting to hear about my parents. The last we’ve heard is that my mom was intubated and losing blood, and my dad had been flown in by helicopter with a broken femur. Both of my parents will be spending time in ICU. 

At A Blazing Grace, I like to start the week off with something lighthearted and funny in hopes of setting the tone for a great week. “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” Proverbs 17:22 

But this week, I feel needs to begin with a couple simple truths: Drunk driving can destroy lives. Also, looking twice can save a life. 

So let’s start the week off great with this: Always look twice, and live in a way that will focus on lifting up all those around us rather than tearing them down.