I read an article where Taylor Swift apparently took out an insurance policy on her legs for 40 million dollars! 

I know what you’re thinking … WHAT?! This is insane! 

We’ve all heard it before; the jokes and stories of models and famous people taking out insurance on random body parts. It seems ridiculous … SEEMS. 

After having my own random, late-night, four-year-old puke fest turning into a jammed, broken finger which required major surgery, I’ve had to rethink this “ridiculousness.” 

I NEED my hands. A 911 Dispatcher HAS GOT to type. And not to mention these Black Helmet Films pictures and videos aren’t going to take or edit themselves! 

Now granted, my husband does a vast majority of the company’s heavy lifting when it comes to those sorts of things, but Black Helmet Films doesn’t work unless we have each other … And we NEED my hands. 

So I know now why celebrities insure their body parts. Not because of vanity or just because they can, but because their parts make them money … I understand this. And I can’t help it if somehow, now, I’ve managed to make it into this illusive club of individuals who highly value what each body part is worth.