And sometimes there comes along a fortune cookie fortune that’s just what you need. 

This one reminds me of a story I heard a long time ago of a young boy going into war. He was in charge of blowing his trumpet as a signal to the troops whether or not to charge ahead or retreat by direct orders from the chief. 

Well one day during an exceptionally rough battle, the chief looked down to the boy, worn and discouraged, and told him to play the sound of retreat. 

But the boy continued to play the signal for the troops to charge. 

The chief looked angry, and again demanded the boy signal the troops to retreat, but he only played the sound of charge.  

They both stood and watched the weary army continue to forge ahead and charge the enemy, just sure they would fail. 

But a funny thing happened …

As the boy continued to play the sound of charge on his horn, and the troops fought on, they won. They defeated the enemy. Seeing their chief and hearing “charge” was all the confidence they needed to keep pushing; to keep fighting. 

Later when the chief asked the young boy why he went against his orders and didn’t play the sound for retreat, the boy simply replied, “Sir, I don’t know that one.” 

So today let’s be like that young boy. Let’s only know charge instead of retreat when things get tough. So long as there is life let us continue to charge.