Don’t you just love the inviting aroma of a warm, home-cooked meal waiting for you when you walk in your door after a long day? 

So much more mouth watering and appealing than a greasy, sloppy cheeseburger and fries from some random, “this’ll do” drive-thru you picked up on your way home. 

And not to mention, this personalized, made to order, ready for you now meal is way healthier for you and your family than that burger tucked away in that bag. And it probably took just as long to prepare. 

I’m talking about the crockpot meal that you so effortlessly threw, yes threw, together this morning then set to low before leaving the house. And now, as you return, it’s a beautiful meal, fully prepared and ready to be devoured by your starving brood. 

And this time, when dinner is complete, YOU will be receiving the applause and accolades for a job well done, not the burger joint down the street. Your family will thank you, your health will thank you, and if you use the super-cool new slow cooker bags where you don’t even have to wash your crockpot, YOU will be thanking you! 

But really, in all seriousness, on my family’s journey to health, I realized that we were taking way too many trips thru the infamous drive-thru. With our crazy and hectic schedule, it seemed to be the only way for us to ever manage our sanity and have dinner at an acceptable time of night. Until that is I determined to find simple, fantastic, delicious, four-year-old approved crockpot meals! Apparently I have succeeded! 

The meals take a matter of mere minutes in the morning to prepare. And in the evening, we eat! That’s it! 

I feel I have finally gotten a hold of something that had a terrible hold on us. We have finally said goodbye to easy “fast food” and hello to easy “slow food.” 

And remember: If WE can do this, then YOU can do this!