You know how they say that when you’re an adult and have kids that your children will pay you back for how YOU acted as a child? Well, I wish I could go back about thirty years, find my husband playing on a swingset, and in my sweetest of death whispers, tell him to straighten his tiny rear up! 

And of course I’m only kidding. My child is more than paying me back for my own behaviors and attitudes as a young child. 

I might vaguely remember something about relentlessly demanding Rainbow Bright and her Horsey from my dad (after my mom had already said no) until one day when we were alone, my dad took me to the store. My mom came home to see me with Rainbow Bright under one arm and her Horsey under the other. The way I see it, I’m just a good negotiator. 

I also might remember something that possibly resembles me throwing a tantrum or two … But you know maybe not; perhaps I was just meant to be a tap dancer, and I was merely practicing. 

So on this Mother’s Day, I must first thank my own mom for all she had to put up with having me as her daughter. I was, and still am  creative, independent, and headstrong. I’ve heard stories of who she was before having my brother and me, and quite frankly, she sounds pretty awesome! But the truth is, I think she’s gotten better. 

And that’s how I feel today as a mother. I was pretty cool before my son came along. But now as a mother, there are times I feel I’ve lost my cool card. My son is so much like me. Headstrong and independent. But it’s the times when I see the potential in my son, the giggles and hugs when I KNOW that I’m the best I’ve ever been.