It’s funny how things happen. 

My husband and I never imagined the day we turned to online college, really out of desperation as a quick fix to an immediate need, that there was actually more to that decision in the grand design of things. 

My husband chose to pursue a degree in Video Production, something he’s always loved. Cameras, pictures, fun stuff. He figured if he was going to go to college, he might as well do something he’d enjoy. And I chose Business Management with the intentions of it helping in my current position as a 911 dispatcher because I liked all of the “team promoting” classes and you know, should I ever wish to promote. 

But all that changed with one little school project. My husband had to do a five minute video as his final the first semester of school… 

A year later, we both still work full-time for our local fire department, but my husband and I are now full on business owners, running our own video production company, Black Helmet Films. 

So with all of that said, be encouraged with where YOU are now, and know that your steps are ordered. There’s always a bigger picture. You may not understand everything at the moment, but when you follow your heart, it’ll turn out ok.