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*52 FRIDAYS POST* This week’s theme: HIDDEN.

Behold, a rare sighting of the elusive photographer, caught in his natural habitat, hidden amongst the brush …

Now it’s YOUR turn! Share with us some of your hidden gems!



*52 FRIDAYS POST* This week’s theme: WATER.

Are you guys having a hard time staying dry with all of this rain just like we are?! Between umbrellas, rain jackets, and knee-high rubber boots, you’d think we have it all covered! We hope you all stay safe out there this weekend as they’re calling for A LOT more rain! And as we’re plagued by grey skies and raindrops, I encourage you all to remember one of my favorite quotes, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Now it’s YOUR turn! Comment below and tell us about YOUR experience with all this WATER.


*52 FRIDAYS POST* This week’s theme: HOBBY.

So last week we introduced you guys to our dog, Brindleigh. Well, this poor girl has been the subject of my hobby more times than one can count! She has helped me try out new lenses, practice lighting techniques, and even helped me figure out the perfect settings for action and movement shots. She’s become quite fond of the camera … And I just might be getting pretty good at my hobby 😉 “Don’t wait for perfection before you begin … embrace the beauty of imperfection.”

Now it’s YOUR turn! Comment below and tell us about your hobbies!

Out of Focus

*52 FRIDAYS POST* This week’s theme: OUT OF FOCUS.

This week we would like you guys to meet our 2-year-old family rooster, Peach. Yes, sometimes he likes to hangout with us inside! He’s especially fond of warm fires inside the fireplace, being sung to sleep, and any kind of delicious treats we choose to set before him. Then out of focus behind him, sits our 8-year-old Boston Terrier, Brindleigh. Her favorite pastimes include going for rides in the car, playing with her ball (which is really her blanket, but we won’t squabble over details), and enjoying the warm sunshine.

Now it’s YOUR turn! Comment below, and share with us some of your out of focus fun!


*52 FRIDAYS POST* This week’s theme: MORNING.

Our typical morning shenanigans usually involve an eclectic handful of “just five more minutes” snuggled under warm blankets, multi-tasking breakfast with getting dressed, scrambling to find lost shoes, quick hugs and kisses as we all go about our days, then wondering if we’ve forgotten anything. It’s highly likely you’ll also find coffee heavily entwined in our escapades.

Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Every morning we wake up full of dreams and ready to pursue them. Sure, we have every day lives and tasks to attend to, but that’s where the courage comes in and makes it all beautiful … that’s the grace, your blazing grace.

That’s your story.

So now it’s YOUR turn! Comment below and tell us about your mornings!


*52 FRIDAYS POST* This week’s theme: MOVEMENT

As promised, in an effort to get to know all of you guys better, every Friday we will post a new photo of us with a new theme. There’s a saying that goes, “When it snows you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels.” Well this past week with all of the snowfall we may not have done either, but a decision was definitely made … We took Owen on his first ever sledding adventure!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Comment below and share with us how you got moving!

Your Everyday


*52 FRIDAYS POST* This week’s theme: YOUR EVERDAY

As promised, every Friday in an effort to get to know all of you guys better, we will be posting a photo of us with a new theme. Today, this is our everyday. While our lives are filled with outdoor photography adventures and various filming shenanigans, I can always count on looking over at some point and finding our son completely enthralled by one of his games on his iPad. His personal favorite remains Minecraft … And then there’s our kitchen window … You know that saying about seeing a Cardinal appear? Well, this window is the perfect spot to watch all of the Cardinals come to play.

Now it’s your turn! Comment and share with us some of YOUR everyday!

52 Fridays


Hello kindred storytellers and welcome to the New Year!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to al of our new followers and maybe get to know all of our long-time friends a little bit better! This year A Blazing Grace Photography will be starting a new project called “52 Fridays.” (You guys better hold us to it!) Each week we will choose a theme for photos, and every Friday we will share a new picture of us that depicts that theme. We would love for you guys to join in as well by sharing your stories too!

This week’s theme is: TIME.

So, here we go! This TIME, it’s our turn to tell our story. We’re Stephanie, John, and Owen. (Yes, our 6-year-old takes photos as well … And he’s pretty amazing at it!) We’re not extraordinary people, rather just a family with a passion for photography (and Mexican food take-out apparently!) that wants to show our clients how remarkable and beautiful each of their stories are. We’re excited for what this new year has in store for A Blazing Grace Photography, and we’re looking forward to getting to know all of you more as you Let Us Help You Tell YOUR Story!

We Call Out To Dry Bones 

We call out to dry bones COME ALIVE! This Halloween let all of the skeletons be a reminder of hope for you to call out to all of your dry and dead places to once again come alive. 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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